Columbia Sportswear just released the news that they've launched their new textile recycling program called ReThreads.

Their site reads: "Columbia Sportswear has long had a holistic approach to bringing products to market, with established social responsibility practices and close attention paid to reducing environmental impacts in design, manufacturing and transport. But what happens to our products at the end of their useful life? Looking into this part of the life cycle got us thinking about post-consumer recycling, not just for paper, glass and plastic – but for shoes and jacket as well! We decided to take steps to ensure that our apparel and footwear does not end up in landfills. It’s a big task, but when Gert Boyle believes in something, it happens. 

On October 21st of 2015, Columbia is launching a pilot of the ReThreads program—a special initiative designed to simplify post-consumer recycling. The aim of the program is two-fold. It is designed to increase consumer awareness around apparel and footwear recycling options, and perhaps more importantly, provide consumers with an easy and rewarding way to recycle and give their outdoor products a new life. The end result? Less apparel and footwear ending up in landfills, conservation of our natural resources and a happier planet.

How It Works
Columbia is installing collection bins where you can drop off apparel and footwear you no longer use—from any brand in clean, dry condition. Each time you bring in items to recycle, you’ll receive a voucher for 10 percent off a Columbia purchase of $75 or more. You can get one coupon per day. We see this as a triple win—you have incentive to clean out your closet, you’re doing something good for future generations, and you’re saving money. Home run!

The initial launch involves seven stores in Oregon, Washington, and Minnesota. Other stores will be added as the program gains traction..."

More info on the Columbia Sportswear site.