At Evrnu we designed our first products around one question:

Is there a way we can break down garment waste, convert it to new fiber, and transform the entire system?

Evrnu purifies cotton garment waste, converts it to a pulp, and extrudes it as a pristine new fiber for the creation of premium textiles.  It is finer than silk and stronger than cotton.  Evrnu gives an upgrade to something we already need and want - beautiful clothing - with significantly less environmental impact compared to our best alternatives.  It is the first invention of its kind to be commercialized in the U.S.

The Process

First, Evrnu strips dyes and other contaminants from cotton textile garment waste. Next we pulp the cotton, breaking it down to its constituent fiber molecules. These fibers are then recombined and extruded as a new pristine fiber, which can be engineered to custom specifications, diameters, and cross-sectional shapes.

This customization process allows Evrnu to engineer fibers that can create garments as soft as your go-to t-shirt or as durable as your favorite pair of jeans. And being able to cater to such a wide variety of performance expectations makes bio-based fibers not just good for the planet but an exciting field to be pioneering.

Leveraging existing infrastructure to transform an industry

Brands and retailers will love working with Evrnu not just because the product looks good, feels great, and holds color beautifully, but because it’s a solution that makes an integrated supply system possible.  

To reduce widespread damage caused by the textile and apparel industry, Evrnu leverages “fast fashion” methodologies with the continual recycling of textile and garment waste.


Evrnu’s strategic invention decouples catastrophic environmental impact from growth. Evrnu aspires to use no virgin resources in the creation of our products and create no waste as a by-product of the process. 

We’re not the only ones who think this strategic invention is pretty cool.


2016 Silver Award: Seattle Business Magazine Community Impact Awards

2016 Winner: Greenbiz.com VERGE 16 Accelerate 

2016 Semi-Finalist: Buckminster-Fuller Challenge

2016 Grand Prize Winner: Ashoka Changemakers' Fabric of Change Challenge

2016 Innovative Design Award: Sustainable Seattle Small Business and Startups

2015 Finalist: Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

2015 Seattle Lion’s Den Best in Show

2014 SVP Audience Choice Award

2014 Grand Prize Winner: SVP Fast Pitch

2014 Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship, Wildcard Candidate

2014 University of Washington Business Plan Challenge Investment Round Finalist

2014 University of Washington Environmental Innovation Challenge, Honorable Mention

2014 Regional Winner: Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge

2013 Regional Winner: Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge

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