Sustainability Never Gets Old.

“When we stand together we become so much bigger than anyone of us could be on our own.” - Stacy Flynn

We jumped at the opportunity to invest in and partner with Evrnu. They have the team, experience, and technology to deliver outsized financial returns, while addressing one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.



Evrnu Values

Our values guide us as we create elegant, sustainable solutions that help bring our industry back into balance with our planet.    


Stacy Flynn, CEO

“I remain humbled by the enormity of the challenge and will continue to work on behalf of something much larger than myself for the benefit of humanity.” 

christo no corners.jpg

Christo Stanev, CSO

“We must develop ethical, sustainable technologies that will enable humanity to take control of its future.“

cheri head shot web.jpg

Cheri Buell, VP of Product Creation

"Everything I do, both professionally and personally, has to have purpose and meaning. Evrnu has given me the tools and platform I need to fulfill this personal mission in the very industry I’m passionate about."