From Sustainable to Regenerative: The Future of Apparel

I had the pleasure of being the opening keynote speaker for the WEAR 2017 Conference.  I want to thank the World Ethical Apparel Round Table, Fashion Takes Action, and conference participants for offering a forum that encourages us to create a better future for our industry. The apparel industry is in crisis, but there is a way out.

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Anna MaharComment
Gotta Break It Down to Build It Up

Christo and I have proven we can do a lot with a little.  This month completes our 17th month since we received our initial investment and we just issued our first joint press release with Levi’s Strauss & Co announcing our collaboration on a denim project and our proof of concept garment. Just this week we also won the Grand Prize for the Fabric of Change award announced during Copenhagen Fashion Week!


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Textile technology startup Evrnu™, SPC and global jeanswear leader Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.) today announced they have created the world’s first jean made from regenerated post-consumer cotton waste. This is a major industry advancement in sustainability and closed-loop technology.

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Be Present for Your Network

Networks are not to be underestimated; it takes time to show up and to be present. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that what we put into our relationships yields far greater results than what we could have accomplished on our own. My advice? Make the call, get your community together and get to the next level together.

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Stacy Flynn Comment

At Evrnu, we take raw materials and transform discarded textiles into beautiful fibers that make companies feel optimistic about the challenges ahead. The global textile and apparel industry relies on a vulnerable, resource- intensive supply chain. For this reason, we only utilize recovered materials. Evrnu creates a fabric solution that does not use ancient and endangered forest to make cellulosic fabrics. Instead the company is committed to playing a leadership role in the textile sector and will support supply chain solutions that promote the protection of endangered forests and responsible environmental practices in manufacturing… (READ MORE)

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Stacy Flynn
In a Circular Economy, What Goes Around Comes Around

The Circular Economy will shape our immediate consumption rate by redefining the perception of waste. Say that three times and then believe it to be true.

The linear thinking behind a ‘take, make, dispose’ model relies on large quantities of easily accessible resources and energy, and has become increasingly unfit for the reality in which the world operates. Up against this limited supply of natural resources combined with increasing consumption and population trends, we see in the not so distant future that natural resources will be severely compromised…  (READ MORE)

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