Evrnu Is a Fabric of Change Challenge Finalist!

We are so excited to be part of the 10 Finalists of Fabric of Change! Ashoka’s shortlisting team selected top entrants from more than 300 entries from 55 countries based on the challenge’s criteria of innovation, impact, and sustainability.

Ashoka writes: "We believe that solutions at every step of the fashion value chain are needed to drive a true transformation of the industry. Thus, we called for innovative solutions that tackled a spectrum of areas--from farms to manufacturers to brands, and from environmental impact to working conditions to conscious consumerism."

Evrnu will now attend the Fabric of Change Summit, which will be held in Copenhagen in conjunction with the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May 2016. The Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s largest event on sustainability in fashion and features leading voices, innovators, and policy-makers working to transform the industry. Three winners will be announced at a special event during the Summit.

In addition to a Grand Prize of €50,000 and two prizes of €20,000, the winners will each receive an additional prize sponsored by Opportunity Collaboration and the Cordes Foundation! Each will receive a Cordes Fellowship to attend Opportunity Collaboration in Cancún, Mexico in October, 2016.

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting opportunity!