With Evrnu’s Fiber Technology, we have the opportunity to use textile waste for good. And the ability to ensure that everyone wins: from the industry, to the consumers, to the planet.


Textile Waste is Rapidly Growing, as our Natural Resources are Quickly Disappearing

By 2030, the world will only have 60% of the water needed to support the human race.

It takes 700 gallons of water to make just one cotton t-shirt.

$4 trillion worth of textiles are sold worldwide annually and projected to grow to by 200% over the next 8 years.


We’re turning Post-Consumer Waste into Something Wonderful

Evrnu has the technology to turn this kind of textile waste into a resource.


Big Impact, Little Change

When consumers purchase a product made with Evrnu, they’ll know they’re doing their part to help protect the earth and decrease the 14 million tons of textile waste that’s created in the U.S every year.

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Evrnu uses a staggering 98% less water than virgin cotton production.

And yet its use requires no change in the way we build, buy, and use textiles.


The Fiber of the Future, for the Future

Together we can create significant environmental and economic savings, and a much brighter future for us all. 

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We capture textile waste, before it ever reaches the landfill. Transform it into pristine new fiber that’s woven into fabric by mills. Which, in turn, is used by brands to manufacture their goods.