Fortune MPW Next Gen Summit: Takeaways from our CEO


This week I was given the opportunity to attend the prestigious Fortune Most Powerful Women (MPW) Next Gen Summit in Laguna Niguel, California. Some of the incredible women who spoke included Emily Weiss, Anita Hill, and Stacey Abrams, just to name a few.

I was intimidated walking into a group like this; I consider myself an extrovert and even I was nervous! It wasn’t long before I met a few people and realized how humble and passionate everyone was about their lives and work. The mix of accomplished women from large companies, startups, government, education and non-profits blew me away.

I’d like to share a few things that were most inspiring to me throughout the conference.

1. Be clear on your values and let this clarify your priority. 

So often we say yes to the wrong things. I struggle with the thought of letting others down and it’s just not realistic to participate in everything. Prioritizing in alignment with your values makes you a better leader.

2. To grow as a leader do not be afraid to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. 

I’m very comfortable with adversity. I seek it out, as it’s how I learn best.

And, it’s important to not downplay success. OWN IT.

3. Never lose sight of the vision and why you hold it.

I’ve always been open to advice, but this does not necessarily mean I take the advice given. For me, it’s important to understand a variety of perspectives in order to uphold the vision.  

4. Quiet the mind to access the heart. Wisdom comes from within.

I know I’m at my best when “Wise Stacy” is in charge. It’s a constant struggle to quiet the mind when growing a business and I’m learning how to access this side of myself even in the midst of chaos.

5. Set limitations to create something unexpected and original. 

This idea is in alignment with one of our ethical principles; we waste nothing —not time, money or resources, and we use scarcity as our greatest design constraint. We’re creating a beautiful culture around this idea.

I remain humbled by the enormity of the challenges this collective group of women is taking on in the world. I am truly inspired by everyone at the conference.

The Fortune MPW Next Gen Summit allowed me a rare moment to take a much-needed breath after nearly three months on the road. I have returned home so grateful for an amazing business partner and team who consistently execute to create a new reality in the textile and apparel industry.

Sinead Reilly1 Comment