Christo and I founded Evrnu as textile and apparel industry professionals committed to changing our business from within.  

In 2010 I saw what our industry was doing to the environment (check out my TEDx Talk) and this caused me to pursue my MBA in Sustainable Systems. When I started studying our industry from a systems perspective it became evident that resource extraction and waste were created at significant rates as a natural byproduct of the business model – some know it as Fast Fashion and it’s a powerful way of delivering newness to the consumer.  Unfortunately, it is a poorly designed business model, and one in which resource extraction and waste grow at the same rate as sales.  

To fix a business model can feel like boiling the ocean. We can’t start here – we must end here.

Christo and I set out to find solutions that could alter this model without asking consumers, brands or makers to change too much at one time with the vision to significantly reduce impact to natural resources – air, water, soil and trees (these are the basic elements required for life and business on Earth.)

We have developed several technologies that break down post-consumer textile waste to the molecule; once these molecules are harvested they can be reshaped to create new materials.

We specialize in developing textile and apparel programs for designers who are interested in improving performance, significantly reducing impact and designing for disassembly.  All of the products we have built in collaboration with our brand partners have been designed to be broken down in the future.  Now we are aligning with global producers who are interested in producing bulk volume on behalf of our brand partners. 

Christo and I are grateful for the honor of being recognized in Fast Company’s World Changing Idea Awards and we applaud all of the work being done around the world to help move our global industry in to alignment with the natural world.