In September, members of the Evrnu® team joined industry peers at the Premiére Vision Paris event. From our exhibition booth in the Smart Creation area (the space dedicated for exhibitors focused on breakthrough innovations in the circular economy) we observed a level of excitement and engagement unmatched in previous years. 

From a corner with just 15 exhibitors in 2018 to a field of 50 this year, the expanded Smart Square buzzed with optimism and industry innovators working to create tangible change. In the midst of all the action, three truths became clear. 

The textile community is recognizing regenerative fiber solutions as a reality. Visitors to our exhibition booth were active participants in the dialogue that helps move our work forward. They are recognizing the reality that engineered fiber is a path toward a higher performing, more sustainable textile solution.

Brands are eager to take part in the new cycle. With leading brands, retailers and designers already taking bold steps forward with ambitious sustainability initiatives, momentum is building. We’re excited to develop relationships with sustainability-focused brands from all over the globe to help them meet their goals. 

Evrnu is helping to lead the way. Evrnu CEO, Stacy Flynn, participated in a Vogue Business-sponsored panel alongside a well-rounded lineup of apparel and textiles leaders. She shared her thoughts about Evrnu's new technology, NuCycl™, and the process of taking post-consumer waste and creating new fiber. As an authority in the regenerative space, Stacy shared a perspective that recognizes the real challenges as well as the real and immense potential, of the future we are creating. After the panel, the Evrnu booth was brimming with activity as participants sought to engage Stacy in more conversation. 

“Everything we’re building, we’re building with the intent to bring it back into the system and away from a landfill or incinerator.” - Stacy speaking from the Vogue Business Panel 

We left Premiére Vision 2019 more dedicated than ever — believing more and more that momentum is growing in our global community. Let’s keep it going!