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Our Nucycl® technology converts cotton waste into new fiber, which can be reformed again and again.

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Giving textiles a
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Now that you have lived-in and loved your Nucycl garment to the fullest it is time to say goodbye.

But not the traditional way! Items made with Nucycl are guaranteed to be fully recyclable, thus keeping those fibers in use and avoiding the landfill.


The Nucycl Guarantee

All items made with Nucycl are guaranteed to be 100% fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, and can be remade into new garments over and over.  

For proper end-of-life care, please return your Nucycl garment to us to be “formed and reformed™” into a brand-new garment. Just send it to:


Attn: Formed and Reformed™

122 Johns Road

Greer, SC 29650

process graphic
Here's how your garment will be transformed

A - Collect, sort, shred textile waste

B - Liquify/purify into liquid pulp

C - Extrude pulp into fiber

D - Weave/knit fiber into fabric

E - Fabric is then turned into garments

F - Unwanted garments get recycled again and again

Thank you for supporting the goal to make all textiles recyclable by 2030, because you the consumer play a vital roll in making this a reality.

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